Mutton – Lao Shen (Lao Tzeng)

Lao Shen Mutton Shop (Lǎo Shēn Yángròudiàn 老珅羊肉店)

Lao Shen - the best deal on yang rou

Lao Shen - the best deal on yang rou

If you like the meat of sheep or you just want to fill your belly without spending a fortune, here’s a good spot to try.


good-sized portions

Lao Shen specializes in mutton and serves up generous portions for very reasonable (some would call it cheap) prices. You can get yáng ròu biàn dāng (mutton lunch box served with rice and vegetables) for NT$70 and combos with medicinal soup for NT$120. Their entire menu consists of prices between NT$60-120.

I like this place for its easy access, low prices and good food. It’s located on Minzu Rd, across from Chikan Lou, making it convenient for tourists seeing the sites or anyone looking for a cheap bite to eat in the middle of town. It’s also one of the few places open late.


Lao Shen interior

I’m not sure if they have an English menu, but one of the old ladies working there speaks some English.

Open: daily 11:00 -14:00 / 16:30-midnight.

Location: 301 Minzu Rd, Sec. 2, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Ph: (06) 2111-498



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