Tainan National Class Historic Sites

Tainan National Class Historic Sites

Tainan has an endless number of protected sites that are registered at the national level. According to this list from the Tainan government website, there are eight first class, eight second class, and thirty-seven third class national historic sites inside the city limits.

Confucius Temple West Gate

Confucius Temple West Gate

First Class National Historic Sites:

Second Class National Historic Sites:

City God Temple

City God Temple

Third Class National Historic Sites:

Great South Gate

Great South Gate

    • Julius Mannich & Co.
    • Daguanyin Kiosk
    • Tomb of Ceng Chen Yang
    • Anping Gunnery Fort
    • Sihua Hall
    • Jieguan Kiosk
    • Yanping Ancient Well
    • Zhonggan Temple
    • Bao-en Hall
    • Jingfu Shrine
    • Shi Ding-mei Ancient Residence
    • Short wall at Wanfu Temple
    • Zexian Hall
    • Kaiji Wu Temple
Fahua Temple

Fahua Temple

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