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    There is news that beginning on July 18th, 2013, there will be three flights a week going to and from the Tainan Airport and Hong Kong. They will fly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Tan Zuo Ma Li

Tan Zuo Ma Li Grill and Japanese Restaurant (tàn zuǒ má lǐ shāo ròu hé shí   碳佐麻里燒肉和食) Long may you wait. Even with reservations, you may find yourself lingering around the entrance of this extremely popular Japanese grill for quite some time. It seems the architects had this in mind while designing the building, as … Continue reading


National Museum of Taiwan History

National Museum of Taiwan History (Guólì Táiwān Lìshǐ Bówùguǎn    國立臺灣歷史博物館) After 12 years in preparation, the National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH) opened in Tainan on October 29, 2011. While Tainan has never been short on tourist sites, historic relics, and focused mini-museums, a grand museum was definitely what the city needed.   The … Continue reading

Old Japanese Patriotic Women’s Association

Old Japanese Patriotic Women’s Association (台南愛國婦人會館) For the last few years, this fantastic remainder of the Japanese era has sat behind iron fences and sheet metal while it went through an extensive restoration process. In the summer of 2011, however, this beautiful building was unwrapped and given back to the city. Situated directly across from … Continue reading

Atha Yoga

Atha Yoga There are not an abundance of yoga places  in Tainan, but there are a few studios around. Ananda Marga yoga studio, for example, has been around for a while serving the northeast side of town. More centrally located is Atha Yoga which has just moved into a new building on Fuqian Road, directly … Continue reading

Xiaonan City God Temple

Xiaonan City God Temple (Xiǎo Nán Chénghuáng Miào 小南城隍廟) Insurgencies abound throughout Taiwan’s history, but probably the largest and most successful one happened in the 1720s. In fact, it was this insurgency that led to the building of the first city walls around Tainan. The leader of this rebellion was a duck keeper named Zhu Yigui … Continue reading

The Rolling Egg Exterior

Rolling Egg

Rolling Egg  (Fāngǔnba Dànjuǎn 翻滾吧,蛋捲!) Eggs are rolling into Western-style breakfasts all day long on Tainan’s East Side. Bacon and eggs, omelets, scrambles, Eggs Benedict, pancakes, waffles, and steak breakfasts can be ordered off the menu from open to close. If breakfast food isn’t on your mind, their whole menu is available at any time … Continue reading

Back Alleys – Part 2

Back Alleys – Part 2 In part 2 of exploring the back alleys of downtown Tainan, I went into the areas north of Minzu Road. In particular I explored the Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Zone, which is one of the best preserved neighborhoods in the city.

Back Alleys – Part 1

Back Alleys – Part 1 Many people come to Tainan hoping to see old houses and a lifestyle that’s a throwback to yesteryear. A quick view of the downtown buildings will leave them disappointed. However, tucked in behind the five story facades of the downtown buildings is a whole other world that may just draw … Continue reading

Tongpanqian Cemetery

Tongpanqian Cemetery (Tǒngpánqiǎn Mùyuán 桶盤淺幕園) Tainan holds much of Taiwan’s oldest history, and it should therefore surprise non that it also holds one of the most historic cemeteries. The Tongpanqian Cemetery in the south district of Tainan is the city’s largest and contains many notable graves. These include the oldest Ming dynasty grave, the tombs … Continue reading

Tainan Airport

Tainan Airport (Táinán Jīchǎng 台南機場) Does Tainan even have an airport? Well, for those of us who are woken up daily by the screech of F-16s, it should come as no surprise that Tainan does indeed have an airport. At this time, however, there are no international flights and even domestic flights have become quite … Continue reading