Beach – Golden Beach

Golden Beach (huáng jīn hǎi tān   黃金海攤)

the long horizon of Golden Beach

the long horizon of Golden Beach

The largest beach within Tainan city limits is Golden Beach in the south-west of the city. The beach is quite expansive at 3 or 4 kilometers long and well over 50m wide in many areas. It’s also usually empty enough that you could have several regulation-sized football games going on in the sand at the same time without disturbing a soul. Agoraphobiacs beware!

The quality of the beach is similar to its partner to the north, Anping Beach. That is to say, the sand is pretty gritty and soiled. The biggest differences in the beaches are the size and distance to the city center. Anping Beach is smaller and more intimate, and it’s a three minute scooter ride from the tourist areas of Anping. With Golden Beach, it definitely feels like you’ve left the city completely and gone to a kingdom of sand.

The great expanse of sand gives you lots of playing room. As for water sports, there are some people who surf here, but windsurfing is more popular. Also,this is one of the leading kitesurfing spots in Taiwan and is home to the Taiwan Kitesurfing Center.

lots of room to play at Golden Beach

lots of room to play at Golden Beach

To get there from downtown, take Minsheng Road west to Zhonghua West Road/Highway 17. Turn left and head south along Highway 17 for 15 – 20 minutes (about 8kms). You will see the beach on the right behind a concrete levee. You can park along the side of the highway near some food vendors, or in a larger parking lot farther down. If you leave the city limits (there’s a big sign) and go over a big bridge, you’ve gone too far.

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