The Orient Pub (Night Club)

The Orient

The Orient is one of the few dance clubs that has lasted a few seasons.

The Orient Pub (Táinán Dōngfāng 台南東方)

An ever deceptive name, The Orient Pub is a night club and not a pub at all. Most people refer to it simply as The Orient, and often state those words with a modicum of guilt or derision. The nickname, The Dirty Orient, has also been muttered on more than a few occasions, as it’s a place many foreigners only end up after finding the bottom of a multitude of beer mugs. Others claim it is the best place to party in Tainan. Love it or hate it, it is one of the few late night dance bars in Tainan that has lasted more than a season, so you have to give it points for its success.

The Orient

It's next to the Tayih Landis Hotel on Ximen Road.

The night club is centered around the stage and a neon dance floor with seating surrounding them and a bar at the back. There are private booths and rooms along the sides that must be reserved in advanced. The stage can accommodate bands, but you are more likely to see a DJ mixing hip hop, house, or any other variety of techno and dance music. The general decor of the place is mixture of red, black and gold, with many of the walls decorated with red, peony-covered wallpaper. Essentially, it looks like an Asian bar trying to copy the style of a western bar that is attempting an Asian theme, but that’s globalism for you.

Cover charges can be a bit steep, with a weekend entrance fee of about NT$350 (includes a drink). During the week there are various themes that may change. Previously, the themes were: Wednesday Ladies’ Nights (NT$150 cover for women), Thursday all-you-can-drink cocktails for NT$400, and Friday Bikini Nights with anyone wearing a bikini getting in free (I don’t know if that includes men). Check to see if these themes have changed before you show up in your swimwear.

There’s a full bar inside with any variety of cocktail costing between NT$200 and $350. Beers go for around NT$150 and up. There’s a small food menu with items costing from NT$150 – $200.

Men who are seeking to land a girl of The Orient should be warned that, like many clubs around Taiwan, there are often young men who hang out there who tend to frown on foreigners that are over-zealous in their womanizing. They sometimes band together to dole out punishment on said men.

Located on the corner of Ximen and Heyi Roads, the night club is conveniently next to Party World KTV and the upscale Tayih Landis Hotel. The entrance is just down from the corner on Heyi Road. Take the elevator up to the third floor.

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday 10:30PM ~ 6:00AM; Thursday to Saturday 9:30PM ~ 6:00AM

Phone: (06) 2156658

Location: 3F, No. 662 Ximen Road (Simen Rd. ), Sec. 1, West Central District, Tainan City

3 Responses to “The Orient Pub (Night Club)”
  1. MerryBathCelestial says:

    Interiors, patrons, type of music, and directions with references to buildings in it’s vicinity. A very thoughtful writing on THE ORIENT PUB.

  2. ju says:

    thursday nights are 50NT before 10pm! apparently on these nights, the place is all foreigners.

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