I can’t possibly do posts on all the restaurants, bars, shops and temples in and around Tainan. Surely, there are those of you that have favorite eateries and nightspots around Tainan that you’d like to share with others. Why not help make this guide bigger and more complete. If any of you have some favorite places around Tainan that I haven’t posted on yet, please feel free to write up an article and send it to me as a submission. Submissions should relatively follow the theme and style of previous posts and fit into one of the following categories:

  • Bars and Nightlife
  • City Services
  • Eating
  • Entertainment & Recreation (including parks, beaches, etc.)
  • Shopping
  • Tainan Surrounds (anything that can be visited as a day-trip)
  • Tourism & Culture (temples, fortifications, urban history)

Any submission should include at least one photo. You don’t have to be a photographer, but photos must be of reasonable quality (i.e. none of the following: camera-shake, too dark/bright, soft focus, visible pixels, sharp flash, etc.). Writing can be written in a word document or in the body of an e-mail. 250 to 600 words is ideal, but not a rule. I will format and lay out the post. If I edit any of the writing, I will check with your approval before posting. Please include:

  • at least one photo
  • the proper name of the place
  • if possible, the Chinese name (not mandatory, but always good)
  • the full address
  • for shops, restaurants, etc., include hours of operation & phone number
  • any admission prices
  • for restaurants and pubs, try to include some examples of prices, or general pricing
  • information about English menus or services

Also include the name you want used as the submission credit (real or nickname), and include captions for the photographs.

If you have a favorite place around town that you want to show, feel free to make a submission. We can work together to make this site more robust with information that will help newcomers, tourists, and expats learn about Tainan.

e-mail submissions to:

4 Responses to “Submissions”
  1. Jane Lewis says:

    I think it’s a GREAT idea to have this site (great site!) holding more of what makes Tainan great. How to I meet you over coffee to hear more/ think more together?

  2. Carmelo G. D'Allura says:

    I am a American white male 78 years of age married to Taiwanese female 64 years of age planning to retire in Tainan…where is best location for a westerner to live? Looking for a modern Row Home with 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. We also have family members living in Taiwan within a 50 mile radius.

    • tainancity says:

      It’s hard to say where the best place to live would be. When you say for a Westerner to live, are you referencing being close to other Westerners or close to the more leafy areas that Westerners are used to? There are modern row houses throughout the city, though the middle of the city has mostly older buildings and only a few super expensive newer ones. Two bedrooms is pretty uncommon in row houses, though. They tend to be 3 -4 stories. I’d say come and rent an apartment for a few months and shop to see what you like. If you want to be close to Westerners, most live in the East, West-Central, and Anping Districts.

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