Luermen Matsu Temple

Luermen Matsu Temple (Lùěrmén Tiānhòu Gōng 鹿耳門天后宮) The Matsu Temple at Luermen supposedly marks the spot where Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) made his landing to attack the Dutch settlements at Fort Zeelandia and Fort Provintia. According to legend, the Goddess Matsu aided Zheng in his landing at Luermen. The Dutch had sunk obstacles along the shore … Continue reading


Willy’s Second Base Bar and Grill

Willy’s Second Base Bar & Grill One of the longstanding expat bars in Tainan, Willy’s Bar & Grill brings in customers for both eating and drinking. This establishment was started by former LA Dodger pitcher Steve Wilson, but he has since moved on to other venues and it’s under new management (two foreigners named Andy … Continue reading

Sihcao Artillery Fort (Chenhai Fort)

Sihcao Artillery Fort (Sìcáo Pàotái 四曹砲台) The Qing government added several forts and batteries along strategic coastal areas of Taiwan during the Opium War of the 1840s to help bolster defenses against the British threat. Sihcao Artillery Fort was one of these forts. It covered a strategic position near the harbors at Luerman and Sihcao. … Continue reading

Tainan Wude Hall (Old Tainan Martial Arts Academy)

Tainan Wude Hall While the Japanese built many modern buildings in Taiwan, finding traditional Japanese buildings is a little more difficult. Wude Hall is one of the few examples of traditional Japanese architecture in Tainan. The Japanese built it as a martial training center for police, military, and other citizens. Several martial arts halls were … Continue reading

Ms. Xiao Chastity Archway

Ms. Xiao Chastity Archway (Xiāo Shì Jié Xiào Fáng 蕭氏節孝坊) Some people might say that couples just don’t stay faithful like they used to. Certainly, they don’t honor that dedication in the same way. During the Qing Dynasty, women who stayed chaste were honored with stone archways dedicated to their devotion. Many were built around … Continue reading

Tainan City Bus Service

Tainan City Bus Service The streets of Tainan aren’t exactly stuffed with buses. This is excellent news if you’re traveling by your own mode of transportation, but not so great news if you’re dependent on buses to get around. Those who live in Tainan quickly learn that having your own mode of transport is quite … Continue reading


Duiyuemen (Duìyuèmén 兌悅門) Long gone is the Great West Gate from Tainan. The Small West Gate still exists in Tainan, but it has been relocated to the NCKU campus in the east of the city. Still, the western part of Tainan does have a gate that remains in its original location. Duiyuemen was not part … Continue reading

Jinhua Temple

Jinhua Temple (Jīnhuā Fǔ 金華府) While most temples in Tainan have the title miào (廟) or sì (寺) in reference to being temples, Jinhua Temple is has the title of fǔ (府), which has a closer meaning to house. This modest temple is indeed more like a house than a temple structure. While most temples … Continue reading

Tainan Athletic Park

Tainan Athletic Park For a wealth of recreational activities in one area, head to Tainan Athletic Park just south of Jiangkang Road. The park is about 130 acres and contains facilities for all kinds of sporting activities. Numerous parks and natural areas grace the grounds and you can even find Tainan’s largest Buddhist temple and … Continue reading

Old Nippon Kangyo Bank (Land Bank)

Old Nippon Kangyo Bank The old Tainan branch of the Nippon Kangyo Bank is proof that when the Japanese tried to implement modernization in Taiwan, they looked heavily to the Western World. Using Neoclassical architecture for banks was typical in the 19th and early 20th century in the US and throughout Europe. The rows of … Continue reading