Back Alleys – Part 2

Back Alleys – Part 2 In part 2 of exploring the back alleys of downtown Tainan, I went into the areas north of Minzu Road. In particular I explored the Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Zone, which is one of the best preserved neighborhoods in the city.

Back Alleys – Part 1

Back Alleys – Part 1 Many people come to Tainan hoping to see old houses and a lifestyle that’s a throwback to yesteryear. A quick view of the downtown buildings will leave them disappointed. However, tucked in behind the five story facades of the downtown buildings is a whole other world that may just draw … Continue reading


Tainan Railway Line

Tainan Railway Line The main north to south railway line cuts straight through Tainan City, dividing the east district and its suburbs from downtown and the west. As a result, the eastern and western parts of the city are linked by many rail crossings, underpasses, and overpasses for both cars and pedestrians. For close to … Continue reading

Guohua Street

Guohua Street (Guóhuā Jiē 國華街) Guohua Street is one of the best little streets in the city to explore. It is the little brother to broad Ximen Road, running parallel to it from Jiankang Road to a little past Chenggong Road.  From traditional Yongle Market, though the revitalized Youai-Guohua shopping area and on through residential … Continue reading

A Parade at Chen Yonghua Temple

Lion Dancers

A Parade at Chen Yonghua Temple These photos were taken when I stumbled upon a parade at Chen Yonghua Temple a couple of weekends ago. It wasn’t a huge parade, but it had just about everything.