Tan Zuo Ma Li

exterior of Tan Zuo Ma Li

Waiting customers feed the koi in the water outside of Tan Zuo Ma Li.

Tan Zuo Ma Li Grill and Japanese Restaurant (tàn zuǒ má lǐ shāo ròu hé shí   碳佐麻里燒肉和食)

Long may you wait. Even with reservations, you may find yourself lingering around the entrance of this extremely popular Japanese grill for quite some time. It seems the architects had this in mind while designing the building, as you’d be hard pressed to find a more pleasant place to wait. The restaurant is surrounded by wooden walkways that span a bamboo accented fishpond containing fleets of healthy koi all vying for your breadcrumbs. Both the fish and the water make a strong connection to the restaurant itself. The building is designed to feel submerged in pond water, and any hungry-eyed fantasies of frying up the koi in the pond while you wait will quickly be extinguished by what’s on the grill in front of you once you get your seat.

interior seating

Some seating allows you to sit right next to the water.

Tan Zuo Ma Li is a somewhat upscale yakiniku restaurant, located in Anping near City Hall. The menu is vast and could be quite daunting for the uninitiated. Every form of meat and several kinds of vegetables are available to be grilled to your taste by your own hands on the charcoal grill right in front of you. That’s right. You pay a lot of money to cook your own food. Additionally, there are hotpot options, hand rolls and sashimi, salads, and other varieties of food available. Some of the set menu options can help cut through the paralyzing number of choices on the menu. Wines, desserts and beverages of all sorts are also available. They also have some of the finest soup broth around already set out in pitchers on your table.


raw meat ready for the grill

Some of the seating is in chairs at raised tables, but many of the tables are of the sunken variety with floor-mat seating. The best seats are in alcoves along the front windows in which you are practically sitting in the fishpond. All of the decor, crockery, and seating are stylish and high quality.

The Japanese style service is quite good. There are buttons on the tables that will call a variety of servers to attend to your needs. Some amount of English and Japanese can be expected and the menus are also in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Costs will vary depending on what and how much you order. Certainly, you should expect to pay upwards of NT$800 per person, and expect a lofty bill should you be in a group that is likely to eat and drink to excess.

The restaurant is located at the end of Fuqian Road where it meets Jianping Road, with City Hall just across the street. There is also a location in Yongkan, and one in Kaohsiung.

Hours: Daily 11:30AM to 10:30PM

Phone: 06-2983377

Location:  630 Fuqian Road (Fuchien Rd.), Section 2, Anping District, Tainan City    安平區府前路二段630號


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