Back Alleys – Part 1

Back Alleys – Part 1

Many people come to Tainan hoping to see old houses and a lifestyle that’s a throwback to yesteryear. A quick view of the downtown buildings will leave them disappointed. However, tucked in behind the five story facades of the downtown buildings is a whole other world that may just draw them into the past. The back alleys in the central part of the city lead away from the chaos and into some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. In this post, I explored the internal network of two square city blocks between Gongyuan, Yongfu, Minsheng and Minzu Roads.

4 Responses to “Back Alleys – Part 1”
  1. Arnaud says:

    I love these back alleys, it is a nice relaxing place in the middle of busy roads. Always enjoyable and full of surprises.
    I also quite like those little windows next to the Chendejyu shrine.
    As always, nice pictures

    • tainancity says:

      The back alleys really become a whole other world. If you’re back there for a while, then emanating back onto the busy streets is like coming out of a spa onto the streets of Manhattan.

  2. James Russell says:

    I had a blast exploring and taking pics in these narrow old streets. Thank you so much for posting this.

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