Back Alleys – Part 2

Back Alleys – Part 2

In part 2 of exploring the back alleys of downtown Tainan, I went into the areas north of Minzu Road. In particular I explored the Zhen Bei Fang Cultural Zone, which is one of the best preserved neighborhoods in the city.

5 Responses to “Back Alleys – Part 2”
  1. mike says:

    They were all shot on the same day weren’t they – early afternoon?

  2. Looks beautiful. I wish it was better preserved.

  3. muckie says:

    Find a chance to learn more about Tainan City’s geography. Those winding narrow paths / alleys are remnants of streams that used to flow through ancient downtowns (see the drain covers). Most streams have either disappeared or submerged into the sewer system.

  4. julliardlin says:

    lovely. in taiwanese these are called “hang-a”. many that used to take you around the entire city have since been destroyed by the building of large roads in the last few decades. but, many remain…

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