Sihcao Artillery Fort (Chenhai Fort)

Sihcao Artillery Fort

The Sihcao Artillery Fort was built during the First Opium War

Sihcao Artillery Fort (Sìcáo Pàotái 四曹砲台)

The Qing government added several forts and batteries along strategic coastal areas of Taiwan during the Opium War of the 1840s to help bolster defenses against the British threat. Sihcao Artillery Fort was one of these forts. It covered a strategic position near the harbors at Luerman and Sihcao. This fort never saw a battle and has been disused for quite some time. Increased silting and landfill have pushed the coast further west and so the fort no longer has an ocean view. The only attacks facing it now come from school children from the Chenhai Elementary School.

The artillery wall is most of what's left.

The artillery wall is most of what's left.

Little remains of the fort except for some ground stones and the west-facing artillery wall. This wall has been the curtain wall for Chenhai Elementary school going back to the early days of the KMT arrival. Several well-preserved cannon holes make up the best feature of the walls, and must be fun toys for students to play in during recess. These are the only round cannon holes of any of the forts built in Taiwan during this period. The wall has some very nice tree-growth coming out of it.

This fort is not the most impressive tourist site in the area, but it is a second-class national historic site due to its historical significance. Most people would just give it a quick ponder and photo-op when going to the Sihcao tourist park to which the fort is apart of. Views of the Sihcao wetlands and boat rides through the mangroves are all available adjacent to the fort. Note that during holidays and busy times of the year, the fort is used as an overflow parking lot for the tourist park. It’s difficult to appreciate the fort when this happens.

One way to get there is by heading over the Sihcao Bridge near Anping Beach. Follow Sihcao Boulevard north until you see Da Zhong Street (大眾街). Turn right and head towards the temple. The fort is directly across from the temple.

Location: No.381, Sec. 1, Siancao St., Annan District, Tainan City

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