Mutton – Lao Shen (Lao Tzeng)

Lao Shen Mutton Shop (Lǎo Shēn Yángròudiàn 老珅羊肉店) If you like the meat of sheep or you just want to fill your belly without spending a fortune, here’s a good spot to try. Lao Shen specializes in mutton and serves up generous portions for very reasonable (some would call it cheap) prices. You can get yáng ròu biàn … Continue reading

Vietnamese Food – Pho

Pho Restaurant on Yongfu In my life before Taiwan, I once let a particularly good pho restaurant influence my choice in neighborhoods to live. Regrettably, shortly after I signed my lease, that place was closed down for adding too much MSG (or maybe for health code violations). It took me almost a year, but I’ve finally … Continue reading