Haian Road

Haian Road (Hǎi ān Lù 海安路)


outdoor food and drink on Haian Road

If you want to enjoy some local street nightlife, there’s no better place in Tainan than Haian Road. This is the one place in town where the sidewalks are wide enough to support seating, and several blocks of bars and restaurants are exploiting this. Here you can enjoy your barbecue and beer in the open evening air throughout most of the year. There are numerous beer gardens already, and many new ones seem to be opening (and closing) every day.


open sidewalk seating is rare in Taiwan

The broadness of this street comes from a failed attempt at building an underground mall. The government gave a go-ahead on this project, but poor planning put an end to construction after the neighborhood (containing some of the oldest houses in Tainan) had already been carved up. It was quite a fiasco and the street remained closed for several years. You can still see underground through the many raised concrete ventilation systems that protrude all along the street. The construction fiasco is now becoming and thing of the past, and Haian Road is starting to flourish again with new development and an arts initiative that’s helping to beautify the area.

While bars and restaurants can be found along much of the full length of this street, most of the action is between Fuqian Road and Minquan Road. Zhongzheng Road is at the heart of this area as many of the establishments are capitalizing on the nearby shopping area.



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