Napa Pasta – CLOSED

Napa Pasta


Finding good pasta in Asia isn’t always easy. Much of it tends to be improperly-cooked noodles with some kind of very sweet sauce. I am still looking for top-notch pasta in Tainan (suggestions anyone?), but until then I find myself returning again and again to Napa Pasta.

Napa Pasta - good deal on pasta

Napa Pasta - good deal on pasta

Napa, named after the California wine region, is located on the east side right behind that soup dumpling place. It’s a mid-ranged restaurant with proper tableware and seating. There’s a decent selection of pasta. You can make your choice of pasta dishes and choose from their list of sauces. Personally, I think their white sauce and their pesto sauces are quite good, and worth traveling across town for. The tomato sauces tend to lean toward Taiwanese tastes, but are passable.

My biggest praise for the place is the quality to price ratio. Meals range from NT$150 – 225 for set menus.

Their menu has some English on it. Some of the staff speak enough English to help you get by if you can’t work it out.

Hours: AM11:00 ~ PM15:00; PM17:50 ~ PM21:30

Phone: 06 – 2086010

Location: #12, Lane 30, Dong An Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan 701

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