Nanmen Weekend Flower Market

the flower market on Nanmen Road

the flower market on Nanmen Road

Nanmen Weekend Flower Market (Nánmén Jiàrì Huāshì 南門假日花市)

market interior

The market is below street level and sheltered to keep the plants in good condition.

There are many places to buy plants and flowers in Tainan, but the place to go for a bit of vibe with your flowers is the Tainan Flower Market. Located on Nanmen Road between the Confucius Temple and the Great South Gate, it is a convenient stop for tourists and locals alike.

The market is comprised of several vendors selling a variety of flora and related products. In addition to typical plants and flowers, many of the stalls specialize in orchids, banzai trees, gardening tools, and garden decoration. Towards the back of the market, there are even some vendors selling tea and goods that don’t pertain to horticulture.



The market is very active on the weekends and it’s fun to check out the action while you get a whiff of aromas and oxygen. With all the competition there are some good deals to be had. Don’t be afraid to bargain.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 8:00am ~ 6:00pm

Phone: (06) 2319615

Location: No. 28 Nanmen Road (南門路), West Central District, Tainan City

3 Responses to “Nanmen Weekend Flower Market”
  1. Arnaud says:

    The flower market also has the advantage of being cool and in the shade. A much more pleasant alternative to department stores during hot sunny days…

  2. Dessy says:

    Hello 🙂 i want to ask.
    Do they sell seeds there? because sometimes its hard to find a flower market which sell various seeds. Thankyou!

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