Red Wolf Tavern

The Red Wolf Tavern

The Red Wolf Tavern is a great place for sports and live acts.

Red Wolf Tavern

The location of this bar within walking distance of the Armory has definitely helped its success. Many people hit both places on a Friday or Saturday night. While the Armory remains the mainstay of the expat community, the Red Wolf compliments it as a music venue and sports bar combined.

The Red Wolf is primarily a sports bar, complete with all kinds of sporty paraphernalia adorning the walls. There’s a pool table, dartboards, and satellite TVs that focus in on the games of the week. During most of the week there is a decidedly male atmosphere, though groups of women make it there on the weekends and show nights. Wednesday nights are ladies’ nights which may be an attempt to encourage a broader gender base; however, the recent trend of having showgirls come in and dance on Wednesdays may only serve to strengthen the male vibe. Hey! It’s a sports bar! Age-wise, the crowd is mixed, often attracting many of the older, long-stay expats as well as young newbies.

The Red Wolf’s real strength is its music venue. The second floor is dedicated to live acts and DJ’s that come through on a regular basis. The dance floor and stage are not huge, but are generally the right size for a city like Tainan. Most performances are on the weekends, but check in with the bar regularly to see what’s going on. Cover charges usually apply to shows. NT$250 with a free drink is fairly standard.

There’s a fully stocked bar and a good English menu offering Western food. Beers start at about NT$120 and cocktails around NT$200. They have a good range of beers and liquors. The menu has everything from burgers to steaks with most of the food available for NT$200 – $350. Try the fish and chips.

The bar is located on Gongyuan Road just south of the intersection of Gongyuan South Road. It’s on the west side of the street next door to a small temple. Only in Taiwan!

Hours: Daily, 8:00PM ~ 5:00AM

Phone: (06) 2272929

Location: No. 229 Gongyuan Road (公園路), North District, Tainan City


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