Willy’s Second Base Bar and Grill

Willy’s Second Base Bar & Grill One of the longstanding expat bars in Tainan, Willy’s Bar & Grill brings in customers for both eating and drinking. This establishment was started by former LA Dodger pitcher Steve Wilson, but he has since moved on to other venues and it’s under new management (two foreigners named Andy … Continue reading

Fuzhong Street

Fuzhong Street (Fǔzhōng Jiē 府中街) Just across Nanmen Road from the Confucian Temple, you will see a large stone arch. It is the Pan Gao Stone Arch ( 泮宮石坊), which was built in 1749 and once served as an entrance to the temple. It is now the entrance to Fuzhong Street, a European-style pedestrian street that makes for a nice … Continue reading

Napa Pasta – CLOSED

Napa Pasta (EDIT – CLOSED FEBRUARY, 2010) Finding good pasta in Asia isn’t always easy. Much of it tends to be improperly-cooked noodles with some kind of very sweet sauce. I am still looking for top-notch pasta in Tainan (suggestions anyone?), but until then I find myself returning again and again to Napa Pasta. Napa, … Continue reading

That Soup Dumpling Place

Shànghǎi Hǎowèidào Xiǎolóng Tāngbāo 上海 好味道 小龍湯包 The classic Shanghainese morsels called xiaolongbao are often called soup dumplings due to the hot broth locked inside of the dough. However, they aren’t actually a dumplings by classification. Though they look like jiǎozi (dumplings such as shuǐ jiǎo, or zhēng jiǎo), they are actually bāozi, which are steamed buns. Though they don’t look like the big … Continue reading

Anping’s Old Streets

Anping’s Old Streets (ānpíng lǎo jiē 安平老街) Because Anping was the original Dutch settlement in Tainan, it has some of the oldest streets in the country. Of course, there are no 17th century houses, but these streets wind through the same footpaths where the early settlers walked. Anping stayed area distinct from the rest of … Continue reading

Indian Food – Masala

Masala Indian Restaurant (Edit – This place has been renamed Maharajah. It looks the same from the outside, but I haven’t been in for a while so I don’t know if it has changed at all from the original post below.) Near the Temple of the Five Concubines on Wufei Street is a small Indian restaurant … Continue reading

Mutton – Lao Shen (Lao Tzeng)

Lao Shen Mutton Shop (Lǎo Shēn Yángròudiàn 老珅羊肉店) If you like the meat of sheep or you just want to fill your belly without spending a fortune, here’s a good spot to try. Lao Shen specializes in mutton and serves up generous portions for very reasonable (some would call it cheap) prices. You can get yáng ròu biàn … Continue reading

Haian Road

Haian Road (Hǎi ān Lù 海安路) If you want to enjoy some local street nightlife, there’s no better place in Tainan than Haian Road. This is the one place in town where the sidewalks are wide enough to support seating, and several blocks of bars and restaurants are exploiting this. Here you can enjoy your barbecue and … Continue reading

Zongzi – Ping Shang

Ping Shang Zongzi (Pǐn Xiāng Zòngzi 品香糭子) Zòngzi is a centuries-old Chinese rice dumpling made from glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo (or other) leaves and either steamed or boiled. While zòngzi can usually be categorized as either savory ot sweet, there are a wide variety of ingredients stuffed into the rice ranging from sweet red bean paste and … Continue reading

Cua Bing – Lily Fruits Store

Lily Fruits Store’s Cua Bing (利利水果店的剉冰) What better cure for the summer heat than a nice bowl of cua bing? Cua bing (剉冰) isTaiyu and sometimes spelled Chhoah-peng; in mandarin it’s often called bàobīng(刨冰). It is a shaved ice dessert that can be purchased at a variety of places, but no place can match the atmosphere of … Continue reading