Tainan Park (Zhongshan Park)

arched bridge and pavilion

Tainan Park (Táinán Gōngyuán 台南公園) Tainan has many city parks both large and small. One of the oldest and most central parks in the city is Tainan Park. Up until recently it was called Zhongshan Park and many people and publications still refer to it by this name. It may also be translated as Sun … Continue reading


Fengshen Temple (Wind God Temple)

Fengshen Temple (Fēngshén Miào 風神廟) If you can imagine how important the wind is to sailors, you can probably infer how important a wind god temple would have been in the port area of Taiwan’s main sea gate. Located in the historic Five Channels Cultural Zone, this temple is not only the only Wind God … Continue reading

Ms. Xiao Chastity Archway

Ms. Xiao Chastity Archway (Xiāo Shì Jié Xiào Fáng 蕭氏節孝坊) Some people might say that couples just don’t stay faithful like they used to. Certainly, they don’t honor that dedication in the same way. During the Qing Dynasty, women who stayed chaste were honored with stone archways dedicated to their devotion. Many were built around … Continue reading

Confucian Temple

Confucian Temple (kǒng miào 孔廟) First completed in 1666, Tainan’s Confucian Temple is one of the oldest and most historically important buildings in Taiwan. It was built by Zheng Chenggong’s (Koxinga’s) son, Zheng Jing, under the advice of city administrator Chen Yonghua. The temple served as Taiwan’s first official school. Since its inception, the temple has undergone … Continue reading