Tainan Cineplexes

Vieshow Cinemas

Tainan Cineplexes In addition to several small, old, second run theaters like the Chin Men (Quánměi) Theater, Tainan City has three large, modern cineplexes that offer first run movies. Like many cineplexes around the world, they play a standard range of Hollywood new releases. Generally, the distribution companies make sure there is always at least … Continue reading


DVD Movie Rentals – Hakataya

Hakataya You wouldn’t have to go very far to find a place that rents DVDs in Tainan. DVD shops are in every neighborhood. Blockbuster Video has several locations and there are hundreds of mom and pop shops. However, regardless of location or an international name brand, the sad reality is that most of these shops … Continue reading

Movies – Chin Men Theater

Chin Men Theater (Quánměi Xìyuàn 全美戲院) While most of Tainan’s movie venues are of the modern cineplex variety, a theater with some history still exists. The Chin Men Theater is in an old three-story building with architecture that looks influenced by old American art deco theaters. You would have to look hard to see the surface of the … Continue reading