Almond Shaved Ice

Almond Shaved Ice (xìngrén dòufǔ bīng 杏仁豆腐冰) Tainan is hot, and keeping cool in this city is a job that fans and air conditioners alone cannot always handle. Sometimes you have to cool down the body from the inside by eating some ice. Taiwan has several kinds of shaved ice. One of the premier places … Continue reading

Cua Bing – Lily Fruits Store

Lily Fruits Store’s Cua Bing (利利水果店的剉冰) What better cure for the summer heat than a nice bowl of cua bing? Cua bing (剉冰) isTaiyu and sometimes spelled Chhoah-peng; in mandarin it’s often called bàobīng(刨冰). It is a shaved ice dessert that can be purchased at a variety of places, but no place can match the atmosphere of … Continue reading