Old Nippon Kangyo Bank (Land Bank)

Old Nippon Kangyo Bank The old Tainan branch of the Nippon Kangyo Bank is proof that when the Japanese tried to implement modernization in Taiwan, they looked heavily to the Western World. Using Neoclassical architecture for banks was typical in the 19th and early 20th century in the US and throughout Europe. The rows of … Continue reading

Tainan Meteorological Station

Tainan Meteorological Station If you live in Tainan or even if you’ve only visited, you probably noticed the strange-looking building on Gongyuan Road near the Minsheng Green Park traffic circle. That building with the wide circular base and a thin white tower is the old Tainan Meteorological Station. Its odd shape makes it really stand … Continue reading

Old Tainan City Walls

Old Tainan City Walls When we talk about “Old Tainan City” as a preserved area, we are talking about the part of the city that was once within the city walls. We could add to that distinction the Five Channels port area just to the west of the walls, but generally, Anping is a whole … Continue reading

West Tainan Development

West Tainan Development   For a long time I was trying to get my head around the fact that much of the Tainan that I know was once water. I knew from drawings and various information that high tide used to roll up to the doors of Fort Provintia and that Fort Zeelandia was on an island. … Continue reading

Old West Gate Market

Old West Gate Market (Xīmén Shíchǎng 西門市場) I passed by this old crumbling relic several times before I took the initiative to go in and check it out. The visible facade is on a little lane called Zhengxing Street that runs between Ximen and Haian near Minsheng Road. The building particularly stands out because it is a veritable ruin stuck in … Continue reading

Old Lin’s Department Store

Old Lin’s Department Store One of the many beautiful deserted buildings in Tainan, Lin’s Department Store has seen better days. During the 1930s it was the premiere department store in Tainan, and at the time it was quite comparable with Chu-Yuan Department Store in Taipei. As part of Tainan’s most prosperous area at the time, Moguang Ting, Lin’s … Continue reading

Fire Brigade (Old Tainan Joint Government Offices)

Fire Brigade (Old Tainan Joint Government Offices) I’ve always liked the old fire station across from Minsheng Green Park. In fact, it is second only to the Tainan Railway Station as my favorite city services building in Tainan. Perhaps I like them both so much because they are so similar. They were both built during the same decade of … Continue reading

Shennong Street (Beishi St.)

Shennong Street (Shénnóng Jiē 神農街) Shennong Street is the often considered the best preserved street in Tainan. It is the keystone of the Old Five Channels Cultural Zone and is among one of the must see areas of Tainan in my opinion. The street is named after Shennong, an ancient Chinese ruler who is considered … Continue reading

Tainan Railway Station

Tainan Railway Station The Tainan Railway Station is one of my favorite old buildings in the city. It has a Western look to it, seemingly colonial and well-aged by the tropical sun, but definitely modern in its day. The architectural style is eclectic, but the art deco influences dominate. It has a history of more … Continue reading