Guohua Street

Guohua Street (Guóhuā Jiē 國華街)

Guohua Street is one of the best little streets in the city to explore. It is the little brother to broad Ximen Road, running parallel to it from Jiankang Road to a little past Chenggong Road.  From traditional Yongle Market, though the revitalized Youai-Guohua shopping area and on through residential streets, this narrow road packs in a whole lot action and stimulus.

12 Responses to “Guohua Street”
  1. Mike Lee says:

    Hello! I randomly stumbled upon your site while searching for new and interesting Tainan eateries on Google. Been here for almost 4 months and approaching a place where I am starting to get bored of the same old stuff! Your site is visually appealing and informative. I just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy Lunar New Year!


  2. Mark says:

    finally walked this street after reading about it in your write-up. Some friends had taken us by for snacks months ago, but just a quick in and out, no time to look around. Found an incredibly cool old cloth market, part of it closed down, part still open, must date back to the 50 or 60’s I’d guess, at least the current construction. I walked Guohua at 2pm in the afternoon though, and quickly realized the hustle and bustle of the morning had since faded away…will have to go do it again in the morning. Keep up the great posts!

  3. Bobby Butler says:

    Was in Tainan in 1959 & 1960 & it looked nothing like this. Great improvements, as I would expect after 50 years. Do you still have foreign affiars police ? I knew a lot of them since i spent a lot of time on town patrol.
    how would I go about tryin to find some one? She was a friend (But not a girl friend) she was married to a airman & he come home & left her there. I was not the only one that liked Mary, All of the GI,s wives also liked her. she was not a bar girl, She worked a souvineer shop across from the white bear, also probly long gone.
    Just wanted to say that you have a very beautiful city.

    • tainancity says:

      I’m sure after fifty years you would recognize very little of the city except for the temples. There is a foreign affairs department within the police force, but they have no street presence. You would only deal with them if you had some situation with the law.

      To find this person you’re looking for, you could post an add on the Tainan Bulletin: However, I wouldn’t hold your breath on finding someone from fifty years ago.

  4. Lee Ann says:


    I am trying to locate this street. i can find Chenggong Road, but not the nearby Jiankang Road. Could you give me the coordinates of the street? Is it near Shennong street?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • tainancity says:

      It runs parallel to Ximen (Simen) Road, generally one block west of it. If you were on Chenggong Road, you would keep heading west one block where you’ll find the North end of it. It goes south all the way to Jiangkan Road, changing from old markets to new shopping to residential. It’s a cool street.

  5. Naveen Kumar says:

    Is there any luggage shops over there..i need to buy travel bags.

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