Masa Loft (Cafe)

Masa Loft (Mǎshā Luófú 瑪莎羅芙)

Masa Loft interior

Masa Loft offers good coffee and waffles right next to NCKU.

Across the street from NCKU at the entrance of the university’s food street is a chic cafe called Masa Loft. The cafe is on the third floor of a building overlooking Daxue Road, and is appropriately named as ‘a loft.’ It has lots of light, a wide-open layout, and hardwood floors throughout. They’ve gone for a clean white-and-brown color scheme with recessed book shelves lined with books to help with that academic feeling they want to express to the students who while away their Sundays there. Many students bring their laptops and their friends to this place, but only those students who can afford it. It’s a bit pricey for a student budget.

They have a good selection of coffee drinks starting at NT$60 for an espresso and going up to NT$160 for Irish Coffee. There’s also a good range of teas for similar prices. The teas tend to be black, herbal, fruit, or oolong tea. They don’t have traditional Chinese tea offerings. They also have a good assortment of juice and frappe drinks ranging from NT$75 to NT$115.

Masa Loft exterior

Masa Loft is on the third floor of this building.

Masa Loft is one of the best places in town to go for waffles. They use a fragrant batter to make the waffles and you can select between blueberry, honey, chocolate, tuna, maple syrup, and ice cream for between NT$85 and NT$110. Portions for their food are small, but they use good ingredients. They have bagels, gourmet sandwiches, salads, cold noodle dishes, and a handful of desserts. Again, almost everything falls in the NT$60 to NT$120 range.

Hours: Weekdays 9:00AM ~ 11:00PM; Weekends 8:30AM ~ 11:00PM

Phone: (06) 2759318

Location: No.53 Daxue Road (Dasyue Rd. 大學路), 3rd floor, East District, Tainan City

One Response to “Masa Loft (Cafe)”
  1. Yen says:

    There’s monthly milonga (tango dance event) in this cafe. The near one is on Dec.31(19:00~00:30), and then, Jan.15(19:00~22:45). NT$200 is necessary for admission and light buffet.

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