Greenhouse Delicatessen

Greenhouse Delicatessen

The Greenhouse Delicatessen specializes in western food.

Greenhouse Delicatessen (Lùwū 綠屋)

This longstanding restaurant serving western food is very popular with locals and foreigners. For years, it was tucked into an alley off of Fuzhong Street, across from Chen Yonghua Temple and near the Confucian Temple. A few months ago, it moved to its current location on Fulian Road to the southeast of the city center. It is now close to Eslite Bookstore, but not any major tourist attractions.

the Greenhouse interior

the Greenhouse interior

I have been to this restaurant many times, despite feeling both the food and service are pretty hit and miss. The food is reasonably priced and decent enough that it keeps me and many others going back. They also serve all-day breakfasts and are open throughout the afternoon, so it’s one of the few places you can get bacon and eggs at 3pm any day of the week. The standard breakfasts are good, but stay away from the corned beef hash. Likewise, the hamburgers and club sandwiches are pretty decent, but don’t go near the pasta dishes. The Mexican dishes are just okay. The milk shakes are pretty good. Prices are mostly in the NT$120 to $220 range with a free beverage, so a couple can usually dine for about NT$300. There’s no service charge.

The atmosphere is not exciting, but it’s clean and comfortable. Some efforts have been made to make the place a bit European by adding some Flemish flower paintings. The servers are usually pleasant, and some can speak English. The menu is in English as well. During busy times, the kitchen gets quite backed up, so you can end up waiting a long time for your food.

While this place doesn’t get my strongest recommendation, it does have a certain appeal. It’s just one of those places that, despite its shortcomings, is just a comfortable and convenient place to go.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00AM ~ 10:00PM; Closed Mondays

Phone: (06) 2365828

Location: No.370 Fulian Road (府連路), East District, Tainan City

One Response to “Greenhouse Delicatessen”
  1. Alex says:

    The old place was in an incredible location. It was probably the first place I went after arriving in Tainan.

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