Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley is not your everyday beer garden.

Tin Pan Alley

If you ever wanted to take advantage of the warm night air and sip your beer under the stars in the heart of the city, then Tin Pan Alley might be the bar for you. This unusual bar and eatery is built like a taco stand in the middle of a derelict building that has no roof. Picture camp street art, bright paint, and neon signs next to old brick walls with banyan trees growing out of them and that pretty much sums up the style. All this decoration is on a place that is basically open-air and street-side, as the surrounding brick walls give the place a shell without cutting you off from the outdoors. Upstairs seating on the deck above the bar and kitchen is covered if you need some shelter from the rain, but the stage, dance floor and most of the seating are all open to the sky.

the bar at Tin Pan Alley

the bar at Tin Pan Alley

This place has grown a lot and become one of the premiere nightspots in the city. When it opened a little over a year ago, it was fairly laid back and the hours were a bit irregular. Now the place can be quite hopping on the weekends, with nary an inch of moving around space to be had. Bands sometimes take the stage, but DJ’s spin on most weekends and the music varies with the one who’s spinning. On some nights the speakers seep a variety of electronica, but on most nights you’re likely to hear hip hop, reggae, or funk. Various theme nights and events also make their way through this place.


bathroom facilities are simple, but fun

The bar offers an assortment of cocktails and a few good beer choices. The Boddington’s pint for NT$150 has to be one of their better deals. The food here is all-American with fancy-pants pizzas, an assortment of Mexican favorites, barbecue, and “Baseball Burgers” all making the menu. Most food items run from NT$150 on up to NT$500 with some food coming as better deals than others. Some people say this place has the best American food in town.

Tin Pan Alley is located on Beimen Road across from Tainan Park. It is within reasonable walking distance to the train station and other bars like the Armory and the Red Wolf. Although it’s on a very busy street, the bar is not hard to spot; especially at night.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 2:00PM ~ 2:00 AM; Friday – Sunday 2:00PM ~ 4:00 AM

Phone: (06) 2231123

Location: No. 28 Beimen Road (北門路), Section 2, North District, Tainan City

4 Responses to “Tin Pan Alley”
  1. dennis says:

    i love places like this with uniqueness

  2. MerryBathCelestial says:

    wow!! Happy Autumn Moon Festival to you all and to You All in TAIWAN ! Beautiful shot of Tin Pan’s bar interior !!!

  3. Dave says:

    This is my favorite place in Tainan!

  4. Dave says:

    All the reviews I have read are accurate except the music absolutely sucks. Not sure what it is they play. Kinda that repetstive DJ pop crap. The service also spotty. The place has lots going for it. Outdoor atmosphere and great food. They cater to young English teacher crowd. They could do much better by changing that nssty music and improving on service time. Also the beer on tap is watery. Having said all this I find myself back here for the food a lot. Wings and pizza are awesome. Hope take care of cook.

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