Quail Quiche

Quaile Qhiche's pies

Quaile Qhiche's pies pack a lot of goodness in a small pie.

Quail Quiche (Ānchún Xiánpài 鹌鶉鹹派)

If you miss the taste of delicious quiche tarts or the chicness of European style cafes, then Quail Quiche may have your cure.

Quail Quiche

Quail Quiche is a classy French cafe in a nicely restored building.

Located in an old shop house just a stone’s throw from the giant white horseman statue at the Koxinga Shrine, Quail Quiche improves its neighborhood with a little European-style class. The thin cafe makes good use of its limited space with a long wooden counter for bar-seating along the open kitchen, and just a few tables in the back and upstairs. The decor is tastefully simple with a strong use of white on the exposed brick and crown molding of this wonderfully restored old building.

No place I’ve been to in Tainan has recreated the feeling of a French cafe nearly this well. Just one whiff of the coffee and pastry makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of Tainan for a moment. They use excellent pastry in their quiches and desserts, and are offering some of the finest coffee in town. All of it is served in nice, white dishes, and even the water is served in large wineglasses.

The menu mostly consists of a variety of quiches, a few desserts, coffees and teas, and some wine. The quiche is the main focus, and it is quite delicious, using high quality ingredients and baked fresh. There are about a half-dozen quiches to choose from ranging from mushroom to salmon, and served as individual tarts rather than slices from a large pie. You can get a quiche set with soup and salad for NT$180. Afternoon tea is served with desserts (or quiche) for NT$150. You could also just come in for the coffee, though individual coffees run NT$90 – $120, so it’s a better deal to add on a pie. Individual pies to go are NT$100 each. There is a good English menu if you ask for it.

The quiches may not be big enough to fill an empty stomach, and they are made-to-order, so don’t go there if you’re really hungry. Expect to wait more than 20 minutes for your order. It’s a good place to have a leisurely breakfast, a light lunch, or an afternoon snack. They are not open for dinner. To save time, you can call ahead and place orders by phone if your Chinese is good enough.

Quail Quiche interior

The bright interior makes for a very good cafe atmosphere.

Hours: Daily; 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM

Phone: (06) 2282038

Location: No. 126 Fuqian Road (Fu Chian Rd.  府前路), Section 1, West Central District, Tainan City

2 Responses to “Quail Quiche”
  1. dennis says:

    sounds like an awesome place, got pics of the inside and the foods?

    • tainancity says:

      If I go back soon, I’ll try to get an interior and a food shot. I didn’t have my camera with me when I ate there, and just had time to pass by for an exterior. Until then, people will just have to check it out for themselves. It’s well-worth it.

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