Almond Shaved Ice

Almond Ice Shavings in Tainan on Qingnian Road

Almond Ice Shavings in Tainan on Qingnian Road

Almond Shaved Ice (xìngrén dòufǔ bīng 杏仁豆腐冰)

almond pudding covered in ice and cream

almond pudding covered in ice and cream

Tainan is hot, and keeping cool in this city is a job that fans and air conditioners alone cannot always handle. Sometimes you have to cool down the body from the inside by eating some ice. Taiwan has several kinds of shaved ice. One of the premier places in Tainan for fruit shaved ice (cuabing or baobing) is Lily Fruits Store, but there are no shortage of other shops that sell shaved ice with red beans and various fruit as their accompaniments. There are also a few places that specialize in almond ice shavings.

Most shaved ice is piled into a cup or bowl with fruit, cream, juice, red beans or various other accompaniments mixed in to give flavor and substance to the ice. Almond shaved ice is no different, except that it isn’t almonds that are mixed in, rather it is a tofu-like almond pudding that’s been chopped up and mixed into the rice. Pour some cream or red beans on top and you’ve got yourself some sweet relief.

Almond shaved ice is available at various places around town, though mostly at shops that specialize in it rather than general shaved ice places. The place I go to is the branch of a chain called “Almond Ice Shavings in Tainan” on Qingnian road not far from the City God Temple. This place is a quick and convenient stop with cute little bamboo furniture set street-side. Their shaved ice runs NT$30 to $40. They also have almond tea.

Location: No. 214 Qingnian Road (Cingnian 青年路), West Central District, Tainan City

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