Lin Mo Niang Park

Lin Mo Niang Statue

The sixteen-meter-high statue of Lin Mo Niang overlooks Anping Harbor.

Lin Mo Niang Park (Lín Mòniáng Gōngyuán 林默娘公園)

In April of 2004, this two-hector park was added to the Anping Harbor National Historic Park. It sits on the south bank of the Anping Canal just at the spot where it opens into Anping Harbor. The park is dedicated to Lin Mo Niang, the human embodiment of the goddess Matsu, as she protects the sea workers and offers an image of piousness to young Taiwanese.

the park

The 2-hector park is full of kite-flyers.

The park is probably the most open and sprawling of all the parks in Tainan. Its lack of tree coverage makes ideal for any recreation that requires a little extra space. It is a long park that follows the mouth of the Anping Canal for several blocks before it reaches Anping Harbor. The west tip of the park ends in a hill (yes, an actual hill in Tainan!) that overlooks the harbor. Atop the hill is a 16-meter-high statue of Lin Mo Niang.

The location for this park is fantastic for enjoying the sea-breeze and sunsets on any given evening. It’s a popular spot for young couples and families alike. One of the most popular activities here is kite-flying. On a pleasant weekend afternoon you can see dozens of kites dotting the sky throughout the park. Many stands selling or renting kites are usually set up across the street if you don’t have your own kite. The park is also enjoyed by people who want to throw a ball around, take a leisurely cycle, have a picnic or enjoy a romantic stroll. The views of the harbor and canal can be mesmerizing at sunset.

The park is located along most of An Yi Road, about half way between Anping Fort and the Eternal Golden Castle.

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  1. She is the “Late Goddess Bari”of the century.But there was the original of Goddess Bari was in Korean Story since ancient times before birth of Christ!!!and before the era of warring states,also before the three Chinese philosophers born.They are the same but their living has a different times…

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