Thai Food – Double Blessings

Double Blessings Thai New Course (Shuāngxǐ  Tàishì  Liàolǐ   雙囍泰式料理)

Double Blessings

Double Blessings is refreshingly different and tasty.

If you miss days of eating at roadside restaurants in the sweltering heat of Bangkok, you may want to try the Thai food at Double Blessings. Not that it’s particularly authentic Thai food, but they do have pretty good sidewalk seating, and the temperature does reach sweltering in Tainan. Not far from the rest of the sidewalk dining action of Haian Road, Double Blessings serves Thai fusion in a no thrills atmosphere.

I will start by saying the food is a bit over-priced, especially when the atmosphere is wrangled in by the stray cats who come to beg for food. And as I said, it isn’t wholly authentic Thai food. My recommendation for this place comes strictly from the fact that the food is straight up delicious. They use fresh, quality ingredients in all the right amounts, and the recipes are a real surprise for the taste buds. I can’t say I’ve had Thai food in any restaurant in Taiwan or elsewhere that tastes quite like this. Maybe I’ve been in Taiwan too long, but I’m starting to enjoy certain international dishes that are geared towards the Taiwanese taste buds. Well, when it’s done right anyway. I still haven’t been here long enough to enjoy Taiwanese pasta.

They do have a clear English menu. Many of their dishes are upwards of NT$200, but they do have some cheaper dishes. I highly recommend the crab fried rice for those who don’t want to break the bank. The beef they use is succulent, and if you’re looking for a treat you should try the lemon beef. The coconut curries are not what you’d expect, but once you get past that you’ll discover a great new flavor. The pitchers of Thai iced tea are actually a really good deal here.

The place is right across from Shui Ping Wen Park on Xia Lin Road (which is what Haian Road becomes south of Yonghua). It’s open late.

Hours: Weekdays 5:00PM ~ 1:00AM; Weekends 11:00AM ~ 1:00AM

Phone: (06) 2221611

Location: No. 1-4 Xia Lin Road (Sialin Rd. 夏林路), West Central District, Tainan City

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