Tainan Athletic Park

Tainan Athletic Park

the track and field stadium in the Tainan Athletic Park

the track and field stadium in the Tainan Athletic Park

For a wealth of recreational activities in one area, head to Tainan Athletic Park just south of Jiangkang Road. The park is about 130 acres and contains facilities for all kinds of sporting activities. Numerous parks and natural areas grace the grounds and you can even find Tainan’s largest Buddhist temple and monastery, Zhúxī Sì (Chuhsi Temple 竹溪寺), tucked into the walking and biking trail. There is plenty of space to move around in the park. It’s a good place to walk around, bike, or roll about on a skateboard.

freestyle bike and skateboard park

freestyle bike and skateboard park

Much of the park is occupied by large spectator facilities. The most popular of these is probably Tainan Baseball Stadium, home of the Uni Lions. There’s also a track and field stadium, a soccer venue, a rugby field, and a velodrome for bike racing. There are several tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor, that offer space for spectators as well. Many of these venues are more for events and team play than for the general public, but I’m sure there must be a way of using the tennis facilities. Other facilities include a basketball court, a badminton club, a shooting range, and a freestyle bike and skateboard park. On Jiangkang Road, next to the baseball stadium, is Tainan Spa World where you can find indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

stroll or bike around the creek

stroll or bike around the creek

Other than the facilities, much can be enjoyed about the park. Walking around this area can make you feel like you’ve left the inner city and reached an outlying suburb due to all the open space and lack of people. An attractive creek travels through the park and makes a nice place for a walk. The paths are lined with trees and a few suspension bridges span the water. The path meets up with a bike route that travels through the park and onward through many of the tourist areas of the Confucius Temple Zone. There are many little parks within the park where people stop and rest, or try their hand (or feet) on the stone foot massage paths. Some of these parks are graced with animal sculptures that may excite young children, but many are falling apart and could be a little dangerous for the little ones. Another feature of the park that can excite kids is the circle of spurting fountain water to play in, but this is only turned on at certain times. It’s just behind the baseball stadium.

clay-surfaced tennis courts

clay-surfaced tennis courts

The park is enclosed by Jiangkang Road to the north, Datong Road to the east, Dalin Road to the south, and Nanmen Road to the west. A small residential neighborhood cuts through this area and the park wraps around it.

7 Responses to “Tainan Athletic Park”
  1. mark says:

    The inside tennis courts on Da Lin Rd are available to the public with a day pass of 60nt. Outside they play ‘soft’ tennis on the clay but they use ‘normal’ tennis balls on hardcourt inside.
    BTW- A core group shows up every day for mixed doubles (more men), usually finished by 9:00am, weekends a little later. Friendly round robin group. My Chinese is too rudimentary to discuss anything, but somebody always rotates me in with a little English or even just gestures.

  2. Shiv says:

    Any Badminton club in the arena? I have not been on the court for a while and want to get back.

  3. Shiv says:

    Anyone up for some tennis or badminton??

  4. Mark says:

    Please add a googlemap link and an official street address (with Chinese characters and Pinyin characters).
    This kind of large, well-developed facility will likely draw people from outside of Tainan–people who didn’t memorize local road names.

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