Pakistani and Indian Food – Jasmine – CLOSED

Jasmine Pakistani & Indian Cuisine on Haian Road

Jasmine Pakistani & Indian Cuisine on Haian Road

Jasmine Pakistani & Indian Cuisine

EDIT – Closed Down, March 2010

Jasmine is quickly becoming the most popular place for South Asian cuisine in Tainan. It opened its doors last fall to fill the void of affordable, no-nonsense Pakistani and Indian food in this city. While the dining room is pleasantly decorated, the paper place mats show that the real priority here is on the food. And as its popularity shows, for most people’s daily needs, delicious food at an affordable price is really what they want.

The chef of Jasmine is a Pakistani Muslim so there is no pork on the menu, but there is beef. The chicken, beef and mutton are all Halal. They also have shrimp and vegetable dishes. The meats are all offered in Qorma (Korma), Curry, Achari, Karahi, and Palak. The beef kofta is quite good and the chicken tikka is absolutely delicious. They also have roti, nan, samosas and desserts. The Indian royal milk tea is good as well, but not particularly spicy. Beer, lassi and various soft drinks are available. The menu isn’t as diverse as some places, but maybe that’s why it’s more affordable. Most meat dishes range from NT$150 – $200, while vegetable curries are just NT$80.

They also sell Indian cooking products for home-cooking.

The owners and some of the staff speak English well. The menu is in English and Chinese.

Hours: Daily AM11:00 ~ PM14:00; PM17:00 – PM 22:00

Phone: (06) 221-9236

Location: No. 96 Haian Road (Hai An 海安路) Sec. 2, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700

2 Responses to “Pakistani and Indian Food – Jasmine – CLOSED”
  1. Hanjié says:

    I stopped by once but it seemed to me the indian dishes were outnumbered Pakistani one. Do you have any recommendation for an authentic Pakistani dish in Jasmine?

    • tainancity says:

      Indian and Pakistani dishes are essentially the same. There may be regional flavoring, but that goes for different regions throughout India as well. The key difference would be that Pakistani people are usually Muslim and don’t eat pork, and Indian people are mostly Hindu and don’t eat beef. Also, Muslims prefer their meat to be Halal. Otherwise curry is curry.

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