Lakeside Water Bird Park

Lakeside Water Bird Park

Try Lakeside Water Bird Park for cycling, jogging or bird watching.

Try Lakeside Water Bird Park for cycling, jogging or bird watching.

On the north side of Anping and along the south shore of the Yenping Estuary lies Tainan’s Lakeside Water Bird Park. Here you’ll find a long boardwalk and bike path that follow the estuary from Anping Treehouse to Sihcao Bridge. This is a place to get your feet wet in Sihcao Wetlands without really leaving the city. You can view the Yenping Estuary in a leisurely stroll, from the top of a bike, or from one of the viewing platforms where you can try your luck with birdwatching.

cycling path

cycling path

The bike path is part of a larger circuit that takes in the sites through Anping. There are maps posting around the path showing routes to take. I’ve seen bikes for rent around Anping Old Fort if you don’t have your own. The bike path along the estuary hooks up with the Chao Tou Beach Park for further biking, or you can head over the Sihcao Bridge to explore old fishing villages and the Sihcao wetlands to the north.

The Lakeside Water Bird Park is just a small part of the Sihcao wetlands. Birdwatchers can see several species of egrets as well as various spoonbills and other water birds. Real enthusiasts will want to head into the mangrove areas and parts further north, but the park is convenient for those who just want to get a quick glimpse.

There’s also a long, thin grassy park that follows the path. It has some gazebos, structures for kids, and clean bathroom facilities.

Parking is available near Anping Treehouse or anywhere just north of Anbei Road.

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