Home Decoration – Big Box Stores

Hola Home Furnishings
Hola Home Furnishings

Home Decoration – Big Box Stores

I’ve never been a fan of how big box stores affect small business and local culture, but I’ve also never been a fan of not finding what I want. While Tainan doesn’t have an IKEA, you can do some pretty easy one-stop shopping at a collection of big box stores in the suburb of Rende just southeast of Tainan. In addition to a Carrefour (which has several locations in the city), there’s a B&Q and a Hola sandwiched together and sharing the same parking lot. 

B&Q is a do-it-yourself hardware store out of the UK. It is pretty similar to the American hardware chain Home Depot found throughout North America. You can find tools, paint, curtains, plants, lawn furniture, ceiling fans, construction material, and DIY furniture in a box. 

Hola Home Furnishings is a Taiwanese home furnishing store modeled after American stores of the same venue. It offers boutique foods, aroma therapy, kitchen tools, bath towels, bedding, cushions, lighting, small furniture, etc. Most of the offerings are pricy for Taiwan, but cheaper than department stores like Mitsukoshi. Additionally, some furniture vendors have set up shop in the same building. Unfortunately, much of what they have to offer is of the tasteless, pseudo-fancy variety you see in ads for expensive condos in Tainan. However, there is a variety and you might be able to sort through it and find something liking to your taste. 

Although these places are outside of city-limits, they’re pretty easy to get to. Just head east on Dongmen Road. When you see the signs marking the city-limits, start looking to your right and you will see the large stretch of big box stores. 


Hours: Monday ~ Sunday: AM08: 00 ~ PM10: 30 

TEL :06-2492888 

Location No. 799 Zhongshan Road, Rende Township, Tainan County, Taiwan 

(Note: There is another B&Q in the North District at 720 Wenshen Rd.) 

Hola Home Furnishings: 

Hours: Sunday ~ Thursday: AM10: 00 ~ PM10: 00; Fri-Sat: AM10: 00 ~ PM10: 30 

TEL :06-2496866 

Location No. 779 Zhongshan Road, Life 1 Life Plaza, Rende Township, Tainan County, Taiwan 


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