DVD Movie Rentals – Hakataya


Hakataya probably has the best video library in Tainan

Hakataya probably has the best video library in Tainan.

You wouldn’t have to go very far to find a place that rents DVDs in Tainan. DVD shops are in every neighborhood. Blockbuster Video has several locations and there are hundreds of mom and pop shops. However, regardless of location or an international name brand, the sad reality is that most of these shops have a poor selection of titles. While you can usually get a decent choice of new releases, none of the shops do much to make sure their libraries are intact. Most video stores have thrown out or lost their old copies of Pulp Fiction, yet through blind luck or ignorance, they’ve managed to hold onto Battlefield Earth.

Luckily, there is one shop that I’ve found that has an informed library. Hakataya may not have the largest collection in the world, but it does have more ‘essential’ movies as well as more obscure titles than any other place I’ve come across in Tainan. The owner, Wade, knows his collection well and speaks some English. He’s organized the shop by genre choices from ‘action’ to ‘women’s consciousness,’ as well as by directors such as Zhang Yimou or the Coen Brothers.

The one problem with Hakataya is that unless you live in Yong Kang City or north-eastern Tainan, the location isn’t very convenient. It’s out by the north-eastern Carrefour. But if you absolutely need a Jim Jarmusch film, you might not find it anywhere else.

Like many DVD shops in Taiwan, you have to pay NT$1000 up front in order to rent videos. This gives you store credit that is debited as you go. This is a pretty standard policy you’ll find throughout Tainan (except at Blockbuster).

Phone: 3025790

Location: No. 250, Zhonghua 2nd Rd, Yong Kang City, Taiwan (about two blocks from Carrefour near the intersection of Zhonghua Road)

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