Tainan City Immigration Office

Tainan City Immigration Office


Tainan City Immigration Office


classical statue

Tainan has one of the quirkiest little government buildings I’ve ever come across. This posting of the Taiwan Immigration Agency is inside what looks like a Euro-themed love hotel. Decorated with classical statues and rococo ornamentation, this is a building that begs to be either loved for its eccentric charm or scoffed at for its laughable ostentatiousness. Whatever your take, if you are living or working in Tainan you will likely end up here at some point.

While the outside looks like a ticket to wonderland, the inside is as plain as any other government agency. It’s quite a small operation with a Mayberry Police Department kind of casualness to it. If you are applying for an ARC or other documents, you will need to take a number from the machine to the left of the agent kiosks. If you’re picking up, you can usually head straight to the cashier’s desk. There is a coin operated photocopier on the premises. It’s helpful to photocopy all your documents before seeing the agent. Mostly the process is straight forward, but chaos can ensue as it can get pretty crowded in there very quickly.

Hours: 08:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m. through the lunch hour,from Monday to Friday.


No, really! This is a serious government building!

Location: No.370, Sec. 2, Fuqian Rd., Tainan City

Tel:06-293-7641, 06-293-6210, 06-293-6472, 06-293-8785



3 Responses to “Tainan City Immigration Office”
  1. Scott says:

    First time I had to find that office to take care of ARC business, I walked up and down that street three times before I realized that- I was at the right address, and yes, it WAS in this ridiculous building. Seriously, was that a wedding photo studio before?

  2. sch says:

    The building was actually a restaurant before it became a government building. More than a decade ago, the Tainan city government leased out the property to encourage local investment. The building was built by the owner of the restaurant. Nine years later the city government retrieved the property and the building stayed unused for several years. Two years ago the city government leased it out again to the National Immigration Agency. Westerners may think the building looks quirky, but Tainaners just think it’s a beautiful building because it looks new and different. I’m sure most people don’t pay much attention to the statues or really understand what westerners perceive when they look at the building. I didn’t until I read this post.
    The building is adjacent to the City Hall and I think probably that’s the reason why the Immigration Agency wanted to use that building.

    • tainancity says:

      Thanks for the history. I suppose Taiwanese don’t think it’s strange, but they would probably gawk at fake 18th-century Chinese architectural style used in a government building in a small European city.

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