Vietnamese Food – Pho

Pho Restaurant on Yongfu


Vietnamese noodle soup

In my life before Taiwan, I once let a particularly good pho restaurant influence my choice in neighborhoods to live. Regrettably, shortly after I signed my lease, that place was closed down for adding too much MSG (or maybe for health code violations).

the pho at this place is more fusion than Vietnamese

the pho at this place is more fusion than Vietnamese

It took me almost a year, but I’ve finally found a good place for pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in Tainan. As with all good pho places, it is a rather unassuming joint with a focus on the food rather than the decor. The outside is decked out with a few ferns and a caged pigeon, but the inside has only basic tables and chairs. They do use some nice ceramic bowls to enhance the flavor, but all the attention is really on the food.

Although it’s not the most authentic Vietnamese pho, they make a mean broth. This place seems more like a ‘Southeast Asian soup restaurant’ than a pure Vietnamese place. Many of the better-tasting broths contain coconut milk, lemon grass, and a sweet and sour flavor that is more reminiscent of Thai food. But if this is a fusion place, I can at least say it is a fusion that works.

The menu is fairly expansive (and available in English) with a variety of broths and ingredients. You will find beef, chicken, seafood and vegetable-only options, though vegetarians may want to check if there is a no-meat broth. There are also Vietnamese spring rolls and some other appetizers. A bowl should run you NT$100 -120.

The place is on Yongfu Road between Wufei and Jiankang. It is closed Monday and Tuesday. Hours Wednesday to Sunday are 11:00 – 14:30 & 17:00 – 21:30.

Location: 25 Yongfu Road, Section 1, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700


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